Competence and Confidentiality that will relieve your tax burden and protect your wealth

Today’s global tax and legal landscapes are more complex than ever before while they continuously evolve at an accelerating pace through the introduction of new laws and regulations pertaining to international funds mobility, governments’ taxing rights and asset protection at both international and domestic levels. This has rendered it more and more difficult to conduct business or manage wealth at a multi-jurisdictional level.

To succeed in this complex and dynamic marketplace, clients need more than a legal provider.They need a strategic collaborator who understands the clients’ objectives and can swiftly navigate through this intricate international regulatory environment.

This need for a strategic partner represents the reason for establishment of our law firm. We thoroughly understand the clients’ need for a competent collaborator who maintains confidentiality as a fundamental principle of the profession and can apply a holistic approach by assessing legal, compliance and tax risks, being able to provide precise and correct advice and remains constantly nearby by managing and monitoring the clients operating structures.  

Our all-encompassing but focused approach has made us the preferred partners of high and ultra-high net worth individuals, as well as promising start-ups and multinational groups from different parts of the world which are operating or maintaining wealth on a multi-jurisdictional level. In particular, we have a track record of serving clients from the Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Balkans, Asia and Europe.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our astute response to their needs, from advising and representing them in international transactions to the setup and management of corporate entities, from personal international mobility matters to wealth management in terms of tax analysis, asset acquisition and asset protection.

Furthermore we always remain on top of developments, identifying opportunities and improvising solutions that would serve our clients in effectively operating or protecting and managing their wealth.

As our client, you will soon discover that we’re not after providing a once-off limited service, but will prove to be a committed partner who shares your objectives; one who is prepared to come and meet you anytime, anywhere. A partner who assesses, advises, and acts with a clear focus on optimizing your operating structures and protecting your wealth.

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Orestis Shambartas
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