Tax risk management

Our job is to assess the potential exposures to tax risk of all transactions, operations, investments or presence of any sort that a multinational company maintains in different jurisdictions.

The process involves the identifying of where and how these risks manifest themselves thereafter making judgment calls as to how best to deal with them. Our analysis includes an in-depth assessment of transactional, operational, compliance, financial, accounting, portfolio, management and reputational risks.

Tax risk must be managed proactively and not re-actively and hence the starting point for reducing tax risk in a multinational corporation is the development of a “tax risk management policy”. We can consult with your board or Tax Director and develop a “tax risk policy” which will provide a consistent framework tailor-made to the multinational company’s tax risk appetite.


If you feel that your organization would benefit from this added security of assessing potential tax risks do not hesitate to get in touch with us.